In accordance with Christian understanding, man is the initiator, supporter and reason for all social institutions. Through its understanding of man and society, the Kolping Society supports all efforts which, while recognizing the diversity of interests and objectives, are aimed at promoting the common good.

Regardless of all differences in social and political terms, the recognition and promotion of human rights and the expansion of opportunities for participation by the individual are necessary guidelines for the Kolping Society. It encourages its members to participate responsibly in all areas of society by thought, discussion and action, on the assumtion that joint responsibility for the community is the obligation of every Christian.

Culture an leisure time

An important task for the Kolping Society is to make all spheres of cultural life assesible to its members. Such an initiation to the cultural activities of past and present is at the same time a significant contribution to meaningful recreational activities. The Kolping Society expects its members the endeavor, to make full use of their talents and to apply these wisely, also in the service of the community.