The Kolping Society sees itself as a "family-like" community, promoting lifelong faith, education and Catholic action. These are the three indispensible, closely linked aspects of work and life in the Kolping Society. The claim of being a "family-like" Organization necessitates togetherness, characterized by a special degree of openess and devotion by its members.

The Kolping Society is open to everyone who wishes to share its guiding principles and aims, and who is prepared to put these into practice, including Christians of non-Catholic denominations. The Kolping Society is open to men and women of all ages from all walks of life. It especially cares for all those working.

The responsible participation of the priest has been one of the special features of the Organization at all times. Priests and laymen work together in the Kolping Society, respecting each other in their individual roles.

The Kolping Society is a democratic Organization. It helps its members to experience partnership and democracy.

The work of the Kolping Society is carried out on a common foundation, being regionally distinct and indepent. The Kolping Society regards it as a matter of course, that the fundamental aims be realised in a manner appropriate to the local circumstances - this applies both to the activities and the structures of the Organization.

Local groups should call themselves "Kolping Family" Close collaboration with a parish is desirable in the work of the individual Kolping Family.