The guiding principles for the objectives and activities of the Kolping Society are

  • the message of Jesus Christ
  • Catholic social doctrine
  • the will and activity of Adolph Kolping.

A personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ and common faith in HIM are the basis for responsible action by the members and the Organization. The message of Jesus Christ provides an answer as to the meaning of life. The individual feels called upon to testify and share his love and hope with all Christians.

Catholic social doctrine explains what a social order corresponding to the Christian view of man should be. It provides the members of the Kolping Society with an answer to the question of what values and aims they should be guided by in order to fulfill their social reponsibility.
Adolph Kolping translated his Christianity into reality in exemplary fashion by placing himself in the service of man and helping to shape our world. By means of a wide range of educational aid and practical help he aimed, above all, to help young people develop their personality and in this way to stimulate and create an awareness of responsibility on their part.