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The fourth of five children, Adolph Kolping was born December 8,1813, in Kerpen, Germany, a small village not far from Cologne. The Kolping family was poor and his father, Peter Kolping, was a shepherd for a well-to-do farmer.

The Kolping Society was founded and structured by Father Adolph Kolping as a Catholic, educational and action oriented Organization.

The Kolping Society aims to

The guiding principles for the objectives and activities of the Kolping Society are

The Kolping Society sees itself as a "family-like" community, promoting lifelong faith, education and Catholic action. These are the three indispensible, closely linked aspects of work and life in the Kolping Society. The claim of being a "family-like" Organization necessitates togetherness, characterized by a special degree of openess and devotion by its members.

In accordance with Christian understanding, man is the initiator, supporter and reason for all social institutions. Through its understanding of man and society, the Kolping Society supports all efforts which, while recognizing the diversity of interests and objectives, are aimed at promoting the common good.

The work of the Kolpings Society is aimed at the complete individual, who is not only offered help and stimulation in all aspects of life, but also provided with an opportunity to share his problems and also his knowledge and skills.

From the beginnings, the Kolping Society has regarded itself as a free social movement and consequently, has always attached importance to its independence.

For the Kolping Society work is not only necessary as a means of subsistence, but also as an opportunity for self-realization and - as a service to the community - an obligation for Christians world-wide.